AlumaWrap  is a 4 mil cross linked polyethylene film which is laminated to a 0.7 mil natural aluminum foil to create a waterproofing membrane for uninsulated piping systems and vessels with corrosion problems.

Apply RG-2400 to pipes or vessel according to the application instructions. Apply GeoWrap® non-woven fiber over the RG-2400 using the gel tool to hold the textile in place. Install AlumaWrap over the GeoWrap to weatherproof the installation, taping the joints with Alumaguard® Lite smooth acrylic tape.

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Alumaguard® Lite

Features & Benefits

  • For use on Non-Insulated Pipes and Vessels
  • Weatherproof protection
  • For use with Reactive Gel product applications
  • Aids in corrosion control
  • Application temperatures from 10ºF - 150ºF
  • Acrylic adhesive tape provides excellent adhesion at joints