400 Wrap

Polyguard 400 Wrap is a vinyl based wrap that is used to reinforce and protect the Polyguard mastics (CA-9™ & CA-14™).  The 400 Wrap provides excellent resistance to water and moisture transmission and is resistant to deterioration from acids and alkalis that may be encountered in normal soils and is easily applied to irregular shapes providing excellent reinforcement for the CA line of mastics  and the vinyl component enhances the of CA-9™ Mastic to most crude and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

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RD-6® Application Video

Mastic and 400 Wrap Application

400 Wrap being applied over Polyguard Mastic

Features & Benefits

  • Used to reinforce and protect Polyguard CA-9™ and CA-14™ Mastics.
  • A reinforcing fabric of spun bonded continuous thermoplastic filaments in mat form .
  • Available in 4", 6", 9" and 12" rolls on a 3" core.
  • Not affected by the solvents or solids of the mastic.
  • Provides excellent reinforcement and mechanical exterior protection for the mastic, as well as a good platform for a second coat of mastic.
  • The fiber does not float off in the air during unwind and does not cause skin irritation or inhalation irritations.

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