CA-9™ Mastic

Polyguard’s CA-9 Mastic is an oil resistant, cold applied coating for use on buried steel substrates.  CA-9 is a single component bitumen coating that provides a high film building characteristics of up to 12 mils per coat.  The unique combination of solvent and resin found in CA-9 allows for application without the need for a primer/adhesive coating. It is an excellent coating for irregular shaped steel structures buried in  a corrosive environment. CA-9 provides enhanced resistance to crude oil an aliphatic petroleum products. 

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Polyguard CA-9 Mastic
CA-9™ Mastic

Mastic and 400 Outerwrap Application
Mastic and 400 Outerwrap Application

Features & Benefits

  • High solids content.
  • Low cost per mil durable coating for underground substances.
  • Excellent to deterioration from acids and alkalis encountered in normal soil.
  • Easily applied to irregular and complex shapes such as valves, flanges, tees, elbows and mechanical couplings.
  • Vinyl component enhances resistance of CA-9™ Mastic to most crude oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
  • No priming required.