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Keep the bugs out without using pesticides.

Polyguard offers a wide range of barrier systems designed to seal your structure from pests. Those include options for Architectural Structures, Residential Home Sites, and Pest Management Professionals (PMP's).


Architectural Structures: Drastically reduce the need for pesticides for the life of your structure while also blocking moisture and energy leaks by building with Polyguard’s TERM™ Barriers. Architects click here for details:www.polyguardbarriers.com

Residential Homeowners: The TERM™ Particle Barrier system can be installed on existing structures and will drastically reduce termites’ ability to enter your home. The barrier system is installed by a pest management professionals for those customers who are looking for a pesticide-free termite barrier. The system has been studied by Texas A&M and proven effective worldwide. Now it’s available in the United States. Homeowners click here for details: www.particlebarrier.com

Pest Management Professionals (PMP's): Polyguard's TERM™ Barriers provide a chemical free alternative to pest control for your green customers. TERM™ Particle Barrier is a "device" not a pesticide. EPA Establishment #89537-TX-1, and has been tested by Texas A&M to be effective in protecting structures. PMP's click here for details: www.insectexclusion.com

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Innovation Based..Employee Owned..Expect More

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