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Polyguard has worked with scientists at Texas A&M since 1999, testing components of the TERM Barrier System.  Many lab trials have been done, along with multiple 3 ½ year “Proof of Concept” trials, and four long term (5+ years) multi site, multi species field trials [TERM™ Testing].

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TAMU Rollins-EntomologyIn 2014, Polyguard began showing the TERM Barrier System to leading entomology researchers in the southeast.   This led to further testing, working with the University of Florida, the University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, and the New Orleans Termite, Mosquito, and Rodent Control Laboratory. www.anothersummary.

Work began February, 2000, at Texas A&M University Department of Urban and Structural Entomology, with laboratory tests of a termite barrier sealant.
Termite barrier development and testing continued until 2011, when Texas A&M completed 5 year field trials at 4 locations against the two dominant termite species.
Pest barrier testing has expanded and is ongoing:
–At multiple laboratories

Texas A&M, Louisiana State University, University of Georgia, New Orleans Mosquito Termite and Rodent Control Lab, University of Florida
–On multiple pests, including

Formosan termites, eastern subterranean termites, fire ants, scorpions, desert subterranean termites, carpenter ants
Papers have been presented and published, and articles written about this sustainable barrier construction technology