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Introducing TERM® Barrier Systems
Sustainability reaches a new level

Sustainable Pest Barriers


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Today's Level of Building Envelope Sustainability

Sustainability has rapidly improved, largely thanks to building envelopes which exclude moisture, and save energy, more each year.

Polyguard has produced building envelope products for use worldwide since 1970. Our new TERM Barrier System is based upon Polyguard’s long established building envelope products.

Sustainability Requirements

Tomorrow's level of sustainability – TERM® Barrier System

Non-Chemical Pest Exclusion Built Into the Building Envelope

This higher level of sustainability is science based.  Development began when Polyguard met with Texas A&M research entomologists in November 1999.  We discussed the concept of upgrading our building envelope materials to additionally act as non-chemical pest exclusion barriers.

This initial meeting evolved into 16 years of testing at Texas A&M, and more recently at other major universities.  The result is the TERM Barrier System, which blocks almost every gap in the structure where pests have been entering.


Our original goal, to exclude subterranean termites,  was reached five years ago after numerous lab tests, long term field trials, and construction projects. TERM Barriers are proven to exclude subterranean termites.

Plus, concepts to exclude many other types of pests have been developed.

Today TERM Barrier Systems integrates three types of barriers; sealants, screens, and particles. Each of these barriers is proven with lab testing, field testing, and usage in construction in the U.S., and in other countries, over 15 to 30 years.  Together these barriers can protect almost every square foot of a structure from pest entry.  

The Greenbuild 2016 KB Home incorporates a number of TERM Barrier System components.
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TERM® Barrier Systems

Greenbuild KB Project home with TERM™ Barrier System

Locations of TERM® Barrier System


TERM® Barrier Systems

Greenbuild 2016 KB Home