Exposed Perimeter Concrete

Opportunity: Exposed Perimeter Concrete

Particle Barriers – a long history of research

The idea of using stone particles with precise properties of size and hardness was developed in 1957 by Dr. Walter Eberling of the University of California at Berkeley, who found that a barrier of particles with exact properties could not be penetrated by subterranean termites. Today particle barriers are accepted in Hawaii, Australia, and the Pacific rim.

In the mainland U.S., there has not, until now, been a domestic source for particles with proper properties.  TERM Particle Barrier, manufactured in the continental U.S., is sized and shaped to provide the necessary barrier properties for exclusion of subterranean termites.

Particle barrier – exposed perimeter application

The particle barrier application of most promise to PMPs is installation of TERM Particle Barrier in a wedge shaped trench around the exposed perimeter of structures. 

This application gives PMPs the opportunity to provide a non-chemical treatment to builders or customers who are  concerned about sustainability with their existing home.                                       


Instructions for TERM Particle Barriers

Instructions for TERM Particle Barriers

Perimeter Wedge Trench for TERM Particle Barrier

TERM Particle Barrier shown around exposed perimeter concrete foundation

TERM® Particle Barriers can be installed in a wedge shaped trench using the steps shown above.

Particle Barrier Trencher Tool

Polyguard developed the Trencher (patent pending), a tool to open a wedge shaped trench to the correct dimensions.

The Trencher can be used with many soil conditions. It is a labor reducer and quality improver.

Remember to clear the trench and concrete of mud tubes, dirt, roots, and debris.

Check with regulations in your state. Since TERM™ Particle Barrier is not classed as a pesticide by most jurisdictions, you may be able to use properly supervised unlicensed labor for parts of this procedure.

You must inspect regularly, at least once a year, more if conditions require. TERM™ Particle Barriers can be breached by children, pets, landscaping, construction, etc.

TERM® Particle Barrier Data Sheet