Plumbing Penetration

Opportunity: Sealing Plumbing Penetration

TERM® Barriers have been tested by Texas A&M against subterranean termites since 2000.

At the right can be seen the elastomeric properties of the sealant.  TERM Sealant Barrier can stretch to accommodate movement of the pipe. 

Below is shown application of the sealant to a hospital under construction in Okemah, OK.

Builders generally like this termite barrier, as it does not interrupt slab construction. The recommended time window for application is after slab construction and before framing. Installation can also be done after framing, but having to work around installed framing will take longer.

Sealant Barrier Stretch-ability

TERM Plumbing Penetration Sealing

TERM Plumbing Penetration Sealing

Installation Video: