TERM® Flashing Barrier

TERM flashing barrier

TERM Flashing Barrier is a "peel and stick" barrier membrane used where both waterproofing and insect exclusion is needed.

TERM Flashing Barrier is applied at the peremeter of the TERM All Pest Bath Trap Barrier and where the horizontal concrete slab intersects with the exterior sheathing. This area is a frequent entry point for termites which have come up on the outside of the foundation wall. It also acts as a flashing to direct moisture and water in the cavity out to the exterior of the building.

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TERM Flashing Barrier

TERM Flashing Barrier Features & Benefits

  • A strong, pliable, self-adhesive sheet
  • Peel-and-stick application
  • Split release liner for easier, faster application
  • Waterproofs and excludes insects
  • Blocks entry where horizontal slab & exterior sheathing intersect
  • Qualifies under LEED system.