TERM® Micromesh Barrier

TERM® MMicromesh Barriericromesh Barrier is a screen with openings sized to exclude small insects and pests from structures.

TERM Micromesh Barrier is best installed at time of construction as part of a building envelope envelope pest exclusion system such as the TERM Barrier System. However, they can also be installed in accessible areas of existing structures.

TERM Micromesh Barrier provides pest exclusion at points of the structure where openings are constructed for ventilation or drainage.  Examples are ventilation screening, and screening at bath traps.

Current construction practices often provide inadequate pest exclusion.  Bath traps, as an example, are typically built with an opening in the concrete which is treated with termiticide.  This treatment loses effectiveness against termites after several years and is not designed to physically exclude termites, fire ants, rodents, snakes, and other pests gaining entry from below.

Attic ventilation screens are another example.  As commonly installed, they include screens which can be effective at excluding larger insects and pests, but they will often admit smaller pests common to the project region.

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Micromesh Barrier

Features & Benefits

  • Constructed from metal mesh screen material
  • Available in 3 different mesh aperture opening sizes
  • Meets IBC requirements
  • Tested by entomologists
  • Provides exclusion from pests & insects
  • Qualifies under LEED credit system

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TERM® Micromesh® Barrier