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  • Controlling Cockroaches

    Controlling Cockroaches When you ask someone which insect they are most afraid of, I would guess most people will say, “cockroaches”. Spiders may be a close second, but then again, spiders are not insects. Did you know that the fear of insects is referred to as entomophobia? I seem to have digressed…. You may be […]


  • Integrated Pest Management and Schools

    Integrated Pest Management and Schools by Author, Cassie Krejci, Ph.D. As we find ourselves in March already, it’s hard not to notice the students getting restless for Spring Break and eventual summer vacation. One thing we don’t want to see students get restless about is the presence of bugs in their classrooms. Schools across the […]


  • Bridging Industries: Why are we concerned with termites? by Cassie Krejci, Ph.D.

    I have written extensively in past TERM blogs about termites and the damage they can do to structures. But why? Besides the fact that I am an entomologist, and bugs are just plain cool, I am part of a team at Polyguard that has worked for many years to bridge the building industry and the […]