TERM® Particle Barrier

Particle Barrier Application

TERM® Particle Barrier for Termites provides a physical barrier to subterranean termites. It is a naturally occurring stone product that is safe to use in the environment and around children and pets.

TERM Particle Barrier is not intended to provide stand‐alone protection for the entire structure. It eliminates the need for termiticides in areas where it is applied, but where parts of the structure’s perimeter will not allow proper application of the particle barrier, limited impact non‐repellent treatment may be warranted.

TERM Particle Barrier is classified by regulators as a “device” since it contains no toxic components and does not claim insecticide activity. It is comprised of naturally occurring particles with key physical characteristics to block both the Reticulitermes spp. and Coptotermes spp. subterranean termites from protected structures. EPA Establishment Number 89537-TX-001.It also provides a subterranean termite protection system that is in step with best management practices for an Integrated Pest Management program resulting in environmental sustainability practices.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemical free termite exclusion product
  • Classified by regulators as a "device"
  • Provides a physical barrier
  • Blocks entry of termites
  • For new construction or on existing structures
  • In-step with IPM program environmental sustainability practices
TERM® Particle Barrier