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Our legacy has been in waterproofing. For decades we have studied the science of building and realized that penetrations, intrusions and invasions can come from many different sources. Concrete floors have joints, and water can enter through them. More importantly, concrete almost always cracks, creating new entry points.It can’t be predicted where cracks will appear in a concrete slab, so TERM® Barrier must cover 100% of the horizontal surface. The objective is: wherever water, vapor, or insects enter from they should be blocked.

Barrier coverage starts with TERM® Sealant Barrier at slab penetrations. Before framing is constructed, TERM® Sill Plate Barrier is installed. Bath traps are protected from subterranean termites and other pests with TERM® Particle Barrier and TERM® All Pest Bath Trap Barrier. Finally, TERM® Tile Flooring Underlayment Barrier is installed underneath tile flooring.

These five TERM® Barriers are all tied together to give almost 100% horizontal protection. Additional protection of exterior concrete surfaces at ground level is also required. The dreaded “termite mud tubes” are tunnels built up from the ground by subterranean termites as pathways to enter the home from outside. Once colonies are created within the home, termites can use the mud tubes to return to the ground for moisture.