Polyguard Unrolls Latest Innovation: RD-6® UVO Overcoat


With forward thinking at its core, Polyguard Products has announced the introduction of RD-6® UVO overcoat. This is a single component, low VOC UV resistant, water-based liquid coating that is highly resistant to the damaging effects of harmful UV light rays.

This new overcoat is used to protect Polyguard’s highly effective and popular RD-6® anti-corrosion coating from UV rays when it’s used for above ground pipeline field joint girth welds, valves, fittings, and FBE coated pipe. Polyguard conducted in-depth research and saw that direct exposure to sunlight could result in degradation of the RD-6 product. The result was adding this new product to ensure maximum stability.

This is an environmentally friendly, moisture resistant product that has excellent adhesion characteristics resulting in fast touch, drying and cure times. Although designed for RD-6 the RD-6 UVO overcoat can be applied over multiple coating types such as FBE or other epoxies.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 25 consecutive years of sales growth.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact JC Cody at 214-515-5000 or email at JCody@polyguard.com. [link to Press Release]