2-Part Epoxy

NHT-5600, 2 part epoxyNHT-5600™ 2 Part Epoxy is a 100% solid, VOC-free epoxy for extended pot life, lower heat generation in the bucket, while maintaining a cure time comparable to other epoxies.

NHT-5600™ 2 Part Epoxy provides protection  of girth welds, exposed valves, fittings, and piping which is not insulated, and for coating IRO applications. Provides pipe protection for pipes under toad crossings, in tunnels, and in casings. Polyguard has a system design for the use of RG-2400 on uninsulated pipes pulled through road crossings.

NHT-5600™ can be applied with a brush, roller or trowel.


• NHT- 5600™ must be applied to clean dry surface only.
• Ambient conditions for successful application include: relative humidity less than 85% ; and temperature greater than 5° F (3° C) above the dew point.
• Application temperature range is 50° F (10° C) to 175° F (80° C).
• If substrate temperature is below 50° F (10° C), preheating is required to achieve cure.
• Base and hardener material should be kept warm, minimum 65° F (18° C) to mix easily.
• Stir the individual base and hardener components separately until they are a uniform consistency. Add the base into the hardener and continue to stir the mixture until an even color is achieved and make sure all the material is scraped from the sides of the containers.

This material is sold by Polyguard Products, Inc. only for the purposes described in this literature. Any other use of the products is the responsibility of the purchaser and Polyguard Products does not warrant nor will be responsible for any misuse of these products. Polyguard Products will replace material not meeting our published specifications within one year from date of sale.


Features & Benefits

  • Extended pot life (15-25 minutes at 97ºF)
  • Gradual controlled chemical reaction
  • High temperature resistance tested to 175ºF
  • Fast touch, dry, and cure times.
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics
  • No offensive vapors or fumes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Isocyanate free
  • High build (up to 50 mils in a single coat)
  • Excellent chemical resistance

NHT-5600 2-Part Epoxy

2-Part Epoxy Application


2-Part Epoxy Application Video

NHT-5600™ Instruction Video