CA-9™ and CA-14™ Mastic Products

Polyguard CA-9™ Mastic


Mastic Products

CA-9™ is a corrosion resistant protective mastic coating for waterproofing underground metal surfaces using a combination of coal tar and vinyl resin resistant to crude oil and aliphatic petroleum products. 

CA-14™ Mastic is a self-priming general maintenance mastic coating using a solution of bitumen with mineral filler for use on buried steel below ground corrosion protection on pipes, tanks, valves, mechanical couplings, and irregular shaped steel structures.



Handling Materials:

Polyguard Mastics should be handled in such a manner as to prevent injury to the materials. All containers should be protected from weather and lids securely fastened. In cold weather, materials shall be stored in heated buildings and transported in warmed vehicles. Store above 60° F (16° C).


Surface Preparation:
Steel surfaces should be cleaned of all paint, oils, grease, mill scale, loose welding, residue, burrs, dust, dirt, frost, moisture, and other foreign matter. Where feasible and practical the surface can be blasted to a NACE No. 3 finish. Otherwise, hand wire brush cleaning method may be used providing all above foreign matter is removed. No priming is required.



Polyguard Mastics should be brush applied. They are normally applied in a two coat system. The first coat should be dry before the second coat is applied. Drying time is dependent upon the atmospheric and surface temperature. The coating should be done in areas free of dust and moisture.


It is suggested that an application of Polyguard 400 Wrap be applied over the first mastic coating. The second mastic coat shall be applied on top of the 400 Wrap which acts as a reinforcement in the coating. It will also form a platform for the second coat. After the second coat is applied, another layer of 400 Wrap shall be applied to the exterior surface of the mastic. Caution should be taken to lay the wrap into the outside surface of the mastic and not to pull 400 Wrap through mastic onto pipe surface. Use minimum tension during application.


The mastics are industrial coatings and would be harmful or fatal if swallowed. They are marked as red label from the standpoint of flash point. Prohibit flames, sparks, welding, and smoking during application. Refer to product label for handling, use and storage precautions. Solvents could be irritating to the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and contact physician.
Avoid prolonged contact with skin and breathing of vapor or spray mist from the liquid adhesive. In confined areas, use adequate forced ventilation, fresh air masks, explosion proof equipment, and clean clothing. This material is sold by Polyguard Products, Inc. only for the purposes described in this literature.

Close container after each use. This material contains MEK and toluol as a solvent. It may not be acceptable for use under some fire and air pollution regulations. Consult local regulations.

Material has a storage life of one year in unopened containers, from shipment date, when storage conditions as prescribed by the manufacturer are followed. Minimum storage temperature is 60° F (16° C).

Review precautions carefully with respect to flashpoint and other special handling procedures.

Features & Benefits

  • CA-9™ Mastic is Oil Resistant
  • CA-14™ Mastic used for general maintenance
  • High solids content
  • Durable coating
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant to deterioration from acids and alkalis
  • Easily applied
  • Can be used around irregular or complex shapes
  • Waterproofing for underground metal surfaces