Alumaguard® and Alumaguard® Cool Wrap™

Alumaguard® Application on Double MufflerAlumaguard® flexible weather-proofing jacket is the original, self-healing membrane used on exterior duct-work, refrigeration and chilled water piping, tanks, vessels, and equipment.

Alumaguard® is a composite membrane consisting of a multi-ply embossed UV-resistant aluminum foil/polymer laminate to which is applied a layer of rubberized asphalt specially formulated for use on insulated duct and piping applications.

Alumaguard® is a high strength 56 mil membrane laminated to aluminum foil. Its elongation eliminates the need for ‘slip joints’, as it expands and contracts with the system without rupture or leakage.

Alumaguard® out performs other common exterior weather barriers, laggings, or coatings, and, by providing exceptional UV protection, weather protection, vapor barrier, and mechanical protection; and simple ‘peel and stick’ installation!

Also available as Alumaguard® Cool Wrap™ this technology is a 'green' energy saving flexible cladding available in configurations for all of our Alumaguard® family products. Cool Wrap™ technologies includes a matte white finish, it qualifies for LEED credits. Meets solar reflectance and emissivity requirements of Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and California Title 24.

Companion Products:

Alumaguard® Lite Used for the underside of the duct to eliminate the need for pinning.

Alumaguard® Air Release Valves - to relieve pressure related stress under bottom of ducts, our miniature one-way air release valve van be easily installed in the bottom of the duct to relieve air pressure, and you can install as many as are required.

Alumaguard on tankAlumaguard on Valve

Installing Alumaguard®

Features & Benefits

  • All Alumaguard® products are Zero Perm
  • All Alumaguard® products carry a 10-Year Warranty
  • Industry proven since 1998
  • Composite membrane with superior bond strength
  • Easy to install peel and stick, no special tools required
  • Self-healing, puncture resistant
  • Excellent emissivity & sound attenuation (STC 18)
  • Energy saving flexible cladding
  • UV Resistant aluminum foil/polymer laminate
  • Resists moisture, air and vapor intrusion
  • Qualifies for LEED credits
  • Bright white Cool Wrap meets CA Title 24, CRRC & Energy Star requirements