CA-14™ Mastic

Polyguard’s CA-14™ Mastic is a general maintenance coating for use on irregularly shaped  buried steel substrates.  It provides satisfactory performance when used to coat sewer piping and below-grade concrete structures.  As with the CA-9™, CA-14 Mastic should be applied in multiple coats of 12 mils each allowing the previous coat to dry before application of the next coat.

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Handling Materials:

Polyguard Mastics should be handled in such a manner as to prevent injury to the materials. All containers should be protected from weather and lids securely fastened. In cold weather, materials shall be stored in heated buildings and transported in warmed vehicles. Store above 60° F (16° C).


Surface Preparation:
Steel surfaces should be cleaned of all paint, oils, grease, mill scale, loose welding, residue, burrs, dust, dirt, frost, moisture and other foreign matter. Where feasible and practical the surface can be blasted to a NACE No. 3 finish. Otherwise, hand wire brush cleaning method may be used providing all above foreign matter is removed. No priming is required.



Polyguard Mastics should be brush applied. They are normally applied in a two coat system. The first coat should be dry before the second coat is applied. Drying time is dependent upon the atmospheric and surface temperature. The coating should be done in areas free of dust and moisture.


Coverage Rate:

Polyguard CA-14 ™ Mastic will cover approximately 75-80 square feet per gallon (1.96M2/ Liter), on smooth surfaces. The dry film thickness will be approximately 12 mils with a wet film thickness of 20 mils to obtain this coverage. Two coats are recommended.