Pipeline Coating Accessories

Companion Products

Polyguard offers a variety of pipeline coating accessories and companion products for completing your pipeline system:

  • RD-6® UVO™ Overcoat - a low VOC UV resistant, water-based liquid coating that is highly resistant to the damaging effects of UV light rays that protects the RD-6 anti-corrosion coating from harmful UV rays.
  • 600 Liquid Adhesive - Polyguard’s fast drying, rubber based liquid adhesive used in conjunction with Polyguard’s coatings and tape wraps. 
  • 601 Zero VOC Liquid Adhesive - Polyguard’s fast drying, rubber based, zero VOC liquid adhesive used in conjunction with Polyguard’s coatings and tape wraps.
  • 606 Filler Compound - cold applied protective coating designed primarily for use over weld seams, and as a filler material under the coating and wrapping of station piping, irregular shapes such as valve bodies, flange bolts, and compression fittings.
  • IRO & IRO HD (Impact Resistant Outerwrap) - impact and abrasion resistant water activated Fiberglass thermoset coating for HDD use.
  • CA-9™ Mastic - Oil resistant, cold-applied coating used on buried steel substrates. No primer necessary. CA-9 can be applied on irregular-shaped steel structures buried in a corrosive environment. 
  • 400 Wrap - used to reinforce and protect Polyguard mastics.
  • SP-6™ Unbonded Outerwrap - "Non-shielding" outerwrap for soil stress reduction.