Termites & Pesticides

Termite damage always was a problem.  Today we know that pesticides to kill termites can hurt our families as well.

Termite pressure is in red regions

These regions are mostly warm and wet – ideal conditions for the destructive Formosan termite

Source – University of Georgia

Warm and moist areas need

Polyguard has produced waterproofing for 49 years – almost a billion square feet of it.

Polyguard has worked with entomology scientists

Texas A&M, Univ. of GA, LSU, Univ of Florida, City of New Orleans Termite Laboratory, Univ. of Hawaii and the Australian National Laboratory (CSIRO)

The interdisciplinary result: a non-pesticide waterproofing | termite physical barrier system, supplemented by

Waterproofing|Termite Barrier

 Screen Barrier Accessory

    protects drainage points

  Stone Particle Barrier Accessory  

Protects exposed building perimeters