Termites & Pesticides

Termite damage always was a problem.  Today we know that pesticides to kill termites can hurt our families as well.

Termite Damage
Pesticide Dangers

Termite pressure is in red regions

These regions are mostly warm and wet – ideal conditions for the destructive Formosan termite

Map of Termite Infestation

Source – University of Georgia

TERM Underslab Installation

Warm and moist areas need

Polyguard has produced waterproofing for 49 years – almost a billion square feet of it.

Polyguard has worked with entomology scientists

TERM Termite Houses Experiment

Texas A&M, Univ. of GA, LSU, Univ of Florida, City of New Orleans Termite Laboratory, Univ. of Hawaii and the Australian National Laboratory (CSIRO)

The interdisciplinary result: a non-pesticide waterproofing | termite physical barrier system, supplemented by

TERM Barriers and Accessories

Waterproofing|Termite Barrier

 Screen Barrier Accessory

    protects drainage points

  Stone Particle Barrier Accessory  

Protects exposed building perimeters