Red or Blue, Conservative or Liberal, Sealed or Not?

Submitted By:

Jill Heidorf   RCI, CSI, WWYW


November is right around the corner. Before you know it, political ads will take over our TVs and radios. Conversations will churn around Red or Blue; Conservative or Liberal; past performance or future possibilities. Promises will be made by every candidate.

Here’s a platform I want politicians to deliver on:

  • I want my children to live a better life than I’ve had.
  • I want to know I can retire early enough to be able to enjoy it.
  • I want to live in a house that does what it was intended to do; keep the outside out and the inside in.

Ok, that last one is probably a stretch for any political candidate.

Our homes are our castles, no matter the size. Having a place to come to each day where the inside is welcoming is part of the American Dream. At least it is for me.

This idea of homes and commercial properties keeping the outside out and the inside in isn’t a new topic. It’s been discussed at great lengths in every building, architectural and design publication out there. The real question is: How do we keep improving the building envelope so that it is sealed where it needs to be, yet able to breathe where it is necessary?

There’s a fine line of being able to seal the envelope yet allowing breathing to take place. Understanding these steps, helps us keep out water, moisture (bad air), and pests. Wow, it’s not often we say – “keep pests out.” But why wouldn’t you want to take one more step for your client (or yourself) and design a structure to keep out bugs, pests, termites?

First, you need to know how pests come into a structure; then you can design a smarter building to keep them out. It is so much easier to do this in the design phase, rather than calling a pest control operator over and over later. Why chase bugs, when you can eliminate them in the first place?

TERM Barrier Systems is an innovation from Polyguard Products.  Backed by 18 years of university research and ICC Evaluation Report #3632, you can optimize building waterproofing by adding non-chemical termite and insect barriers.  That’s right, no pesticides needed. Now there’s combination waterproofing and insect barrier products ready to be incorporated – TERM’s version of Homeland Security. Who wouldn’t vote for that?

So go out and vote. Exercise one of your greatest liberties. Then call me so we can help you add a few items into your envelope design. Now that is truly a win-win.

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