TERM Barrier System: Details

TERM Barrier System details are listed in sections which are ordered by construction sequence (e.g. Termite Control, Underslab, Foundation, Sill, etc.).

TERM® Pest Control Details
TPC1 - TERM® Above Slab Penetration BarrierTPC1TPC1-PDFTPC1-DWG
TPC2 - TERM® Particle Barrier Bath TrapTPC2-PDFTPC2-DWG
TPC3 - TERM® Particle Barrier Exposed Perimeter of Existing StructureTPC3TPC3-PDFTPC3-DWG
TPC4 - TERM® All Pest Bath Trap/ Mop Sink BarrierTPC4TPC4-PDFTPC4-DWG
TPC4a - TERM® Micromesh Wire Screen For All | Pest Bath TrapTPC4TPC4-a-PDFTPC4a-DWG
TPC5 - TERM® Term Particle Barrier Under Slab Mow StripTPC5TPC5-PDFTPC5-DWG
TPC6 - TERM® Particle Barrier Under SlabTPC6-PDFTPC6-DWG
TERM® Underslab Details
TU1 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Side Laps/Factory SeamTU1TU1-PDFTU1-DWG
TU2 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - End LapTU2TU2-PDFTU2-DWG
TU3 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Tie-In to TERM® Foundation BarrierTU3TU3-PDFTU3-DWG
TU4 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Puncture or Damage Repair PatchTU4TU4-PDFTU4-DWG
TU5 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Grade Beam Pile Cap (Option 1)TU5TU5-PDFTU5-DWG
TU6 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Grade Beam Pile Cap (Option 2)TU6TU6-PDFTU6-DWG
TU7 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Trench RepairTU7TU7-PDFTU7-DWG
TU8 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Termination to Existing Concrete WallTU8TU8-PDFTU8-DWG
TU9 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - in TrenchTU9TU9-PDFTU9-DWG
TU10 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Sump or Elevator PitTU10TU10-PDFTU10-DWG
TU11 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - at Pile CapTU11TU11-PDFTU11-DWG
TU12 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Tie-in to TERM® Foundation BarrierTU12TU12-PDFTU12-DWG
TU13 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Single Pipe PenetrationTU13TU13-PDFTU13-DWG
TU14 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Pitch Pocket with PenetrationsTU14TU14-PDFTU14-DWG
TU15 - Horizontal to Vertical TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier SeamTU15TU15-PDFTU15-DWG
TU17 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Preformed Outside Corner at a ColumnTU17TU17-PDFTU17-DWG
TU18 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Outside CornerTU18TU18-PDFTU18-DWG
TU19 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Outside Corner (Field Cut)TU19TU19-PDFTU19-DWG
TU20 - TERM® Underslab Water|Termite Barrier - Inside Corner BootTU20TU20-PDFTU20-DWG
TU21 - TERM® Underslab Outside Corner PitTU21TU21-PDFTU21-DWG
TERM® Foundation Details
TV1 - TERM® Foundation Barrier Membrane at Footer Concrete Wall Water|Termite Barrier Application - IsometricTU21TV1-ICF-PDFTV1-DWG
TV1 ICF - TERM® ICF Wall Water|Termite Barrier Application - IsometricTV1-ICFTV1-ICF-PDFTV1-ICF-DWG
TV1a - TERM® Foundation Barrier Membrane at FooterTV1-aTV1-a-PDFTV1-a-DWG
TV2 - TERM® Water|Termite Barrier Tie-in to Underslab BarrierTV2TV2-PDFTV2-DWG
TV3 - TERM® Water|Termite Barrier Vertical Expansion Joint Cover for Below GradeTV3TV3-PDFTV3-DWG
TV4 - TERM® Water|Termite Barrier Tie-in to Elevated Slab TERM® Underslab BarrierTV3TV4-PDFTV4-DWG
TV5 - TERM® Water|Termite Barrier Termination at Top of WallTV5TV5-PDFTV5-DWG
TV6 - TERM® Water|Termite Barrier Pipe PenetrationTV6TV6-PDFTV6-DWG
TV7 - TERM® Water|Termite Barrier Tunnel DetalingTV7TV7-PDFTV7-DWG
TV8 - TERM® Water|Termite Barrier Repair PatchTV8TV8-PDFTV8-DWG
TV9 - TERM® Foundation Barrier Interior Stem WallTV9TV9-PDFTV9-DWG
TERM® Framing Details
TFR1 - TERM® Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier - Perimeter FramingTFR1TFR1-PDFTFR1-DWG
TFR1a - TERM® Sill Barrier Perimeter Framing PatioTFR1aTFR1-a-PDFTFR1aa-DWG
TFR2 - TERM® Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier - Interior FramingTFR2TFR2-PDFTFR2-DWG
TFR3 - TERM® Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier in Cavity Wall - Installation SequenceTFR3TFR3-PDFTFR3-DWG
TFR4a - TERM® Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier in Cavity Wall with Tie-in to Sill Barrier TFR3TFR4-a-PDFTFR4a-DWG
TFR4b - TERM® Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier in Cavity Wall w/o Tie-in to Sill BarrierTFR3TFR4-b-PDFTFR4b-DWG
TFR5 - Flashing @ Flanged Window, Door, or Fixture with TERM® Moisture|Air|Termite BarrierTFR5TFR5-PDF TFR5-DWG
TFR6 - TERM® Flashing Moisture|Termite- Precast Wall with Steel FrameTFR6TFR6-PDFTFR6-DWG
TERM® Masonry Details
TM1 - TERM® Particle Termite Barrier With Weep Vent in Mason Cavity WallTM1TM1-PDFTM1-DWG
TM2 - TERM® Thru-Wall Flashing With Termite Barrier on Below Grade MasonryTM2TM2-PDFTM2-DWG
TM3 - TERM® Weep|Vent Barrier in Masonry Wall – Installation SequenceTM3TM3-PDFTM3-DWG
TERM® Flooring Barrier Details
TFL1 - TERM® Tile Underlayment|Termite BarrierTFL1TFL1-PDFTFL1-DWG
TFL2 - TERM® Wood Floor Underlayment|Termite BarrierTFL2TFL2-PDFTFL2-DWG