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Country Music

Damn, I love country music…I mean REAL country music.  I hope no one is offended by the term “Real”. For me, country was and is Hank Williams SR, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens – I could go on and on.  Looking back, I wonder how I developed a […]

Launch of the Swarmers

Films revolving around murderous, marauding and mutated insects – and arachnids – have been causing moviegoers to cringe, itch, and scream for decades. From the 1954 cult classic “Them” where giant irradiated ants rampage over New Mexico, to the sci-fi hit the “Fly” insects have been depicted as the creepy crawlers, that devour cities or […]

Empty Nester…now what?

“Empty Nesters”   05 13 2019 We will soon be empty nesters. My husband and I just graduated our oldest daughter from college and our youngest will soon be attending the same college, 5 hours away. So, this fall we will be considered empty nesters. It was bound to happen; we raised our girls to […]

“Are We There Yet?”

“Are we there yet?” Sounds like a familiar question. We have asked it ourselves when we were kids traveling with our parents in the back of the station wagon, and we have heard it from our kids as we are lugging them through the airport to the ever-important family get-together. It’s the time old question […]

Entomology, Building Envelopes, and the Environment

As an entomologist, the first thing I like to share with people is this: All bugs are insects; not all insects are bugs. It may seem like a riddle at first, but really it is establishing clarity in the biological classification of taxonomic rank. Whew! Science. I remember when I was in science class and […]

Trouble in Paradise

Submitted by: Jill Heidorf, Manager – Technical Sales – Barrier Systems Division Paradise had problems too! Have you ever been to Hawaii? A common question from us here on the “Mainland.” Hawaii is our 50th state, as of August 21, 1959. It is our only state that is made up of islands which are the […]

My First Blog Post

Submitted by: Bo Young, Commercial Development Manager – Barrier Systems Division Have you ever written a BLOG? Well, I haven’t…this is my first attempt at blogging so hang with me. I’ll admit it’s a lot harder than it sounds. In fact, I had a case of “BLOGGERS BLOCK.” So, I turned to an expert. “Alexa, […]

Let’s Ban Everything

Submitteed by Jill Heidorf   RCI, CSI, WWYW Did it start with Starbucks banning plastic straws? I doubt it; it just seems that way. After all that poor sea turtle was all over national news needing to clear its own nose of a plastic straw that had found it’s way stuck inside.   You must start thinking […]

Red or Blue, Conservative or Liberal, Sealed or Not?

Submitted By: Jill Heidorf   RCI, CSI, WWYW   November is right around the corner. Before you know it, political ads will take over our TVs and radios. Conversations will churn around Red or Blue; Conservative or Liberal; past performance or future possibilities. Promises will be made by every candidate. Here’s a platform I want politicians […]

Particle Barriers for blocking Subterranean Termites

Let’s face it, no one wants to hear the word ‘termite’.  It will make us want to either not listen to what the person is saying, or tense up with our eyes widened and want to hear more. Termites are the most invasive of all pests, causing more property damage than most other pests combined. […]