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Some pest control operators are wary of TERM.  There is a common belief that if termite control is built into the structure, it kills their termite control business.

We at TERM have no intent of destroying the termite control market. Our vision is to change the termite control market.

At the right is TERM Particle Barrier installed around the perimeter of a Florida building.  TERM Particle Barrier blocks termites from climbing the exposed concrete perimeter.      

Today’s termite contracts call for regular inspection of a structure.  If termites are found, some form of termiticide is used to eliminate them.

TERM Exclusion Particle Barrier

With TERM Particle Barrier installations, the pest control operator is still required to regularly inspect the building.  This inspection must be done because the particle barrier border around the perimeter can be disrupted by cats or dogs digging, landscape or construction activities, overgrowth, debris, mulch, children playing, or soil settlement.

Instead of termiticide treatment, the PCO repairs any damaged stretch of protective particle barrier.  Customers will love the sustainability

Danger of Mainstream Pesticide
TERM PMP Graphic
ApplicationPhotoDescriptionLink to how it works
Non-chemical protection of exposed concrete perimeters using TERM Particle Barrier
(New construction or existing structures)
Applied around exposed perimeters, TERM Particle Barrier uses precisely sized and shaped stones to create a physical barrier. Termites can neither move the particles aside or squeeze through.
Periodic inspection by the pest control operator is required.
Video: Using TERM® Particle Barrier on exposed perimetersTime lapse video which shows how TERM Particle Barrier eliminated a colony of termites in 19 days

Video showing installation of TERM Particle at exposed perimeters
Using TERM Particle Barrier to block termites at bath traps or mop sinks
(New construction)
Termites can be blocked at bath traps with a simple application of TERM Particle Barrier.See TERM Particle Barrier video here
Sealing plumbing penetrations using TERM Termite Sealant
(New construction)
Termites can be blocked from entering through slab penetrations using TERM Termite SealantSee TERM Termite Sealant video here
Block not only termites, but all pests from entry through the bath trap with TERM All Pest Bath Trap Barrier
(New construction)
Termites and all other pests can be blocked from entry through the bath trap with this combination of TERM Particles, Micromesh 02, and TERM Termite Sealant
This is a new application
Video is in process

Here is a link to This Old House with information for your customers: