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Flashing Termite Barrier


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TERM Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier is a “peel and stick” supplemental non-chemical termite barrier.  It is installed at the intersection of the exterior sheathing and the concrete slab.  It blocks entry of subterranean termites at this common entry point.  It also acts as a barrier to moisture and energy leaks.

TERM Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier is recommended to be used in combination with TERM Sill Barrier for maximum protection

The sealant in TERM Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier is formulated from polymer asphalt which has been upgraded to incorporate a non-chemical termite and insect barrier.  The sealant is laminated to a high strength and puncture resistant polyethylene backing, with a peel-off release liner for easier application.

All rolls are 75’ long and 0.40” thick.

Product Coverage

Each roll of TERM Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier covers about 75’ of building perimeter.  You should add at least 5% for overlaps and waste.

Accessories Needed

650 WB Primer 

How much Polyguard 650 WB Primer do I need?

TERM Termite Sealant

Tools Needed

Measuring tape
Chalk line
12” lambswool roller
Utility knife
Caulking gun

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4" x 75', 6" x 75', 9" x 75', 12" x 75', 18" x 75'