Installation Instructions

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TERM Termite Sealant




TERM Termite Sealant is a waterproofing sealant plus a termite barrier. It is formulated from polymer asphalt which has been upgraded to incorporate a non-chemical termite and insect barrier.

TERM Termite Sealant is used to seal slab penetrations (a common termite entry point). It also seals overlaps, gaps, and penetrations where TERM membrane barriers are installed.

TERM Termite Sealant comes in a 1 qt. can and can be installed using a putty knife.

Product Coverage

One quart can of TERM Termite Sealant covers about 150 – ½” diameter penetrations or 43 – 2” diameter penetrations.
When sealing membrane terminations with a ½” face bead, one quart will cover about 50 LF.

Accessories Needed

Tools Needed

Utility knife

Wire brush

Mason’s brush

Caulking gun

Putty knife