ICF Structures

ICF Structures

The Unquestioned Termite Barrier for ICF Construction

TERM® Barriers originated as an effort to help the ICF industry. ICF structures have special water and termite barrier needs. Termites can nest below-grade inside ICF foundations. In fact, back in 1999 the Southern Building Code officials prohibited below grade ICF foundations “unless they were protected by a termite barrier.” Since then the residential and commercial building codes require special protection for residential and commercial ICF structures in “very heavy” termite infestation areas. 

In November 1999 Polyguard started to develop and test non-chemical termite barriers incorporated into our waterproofing. Results were encouraging. This led to a 2002 Southern Building Code evaluation (ES 2136) of Polyguard’s prototype termite barrier. Since then TERM waterproofing/termite barrier has been installed on hundreds of ICF projects across the country.

Fast forward to 2020. Research continues with termite barriers, plus other insect and pest barriers, at Texas A&M, and other major southeastern universities. After 20 years of laboratory and field trials, TERM Barrier has been evaluated as a Termite Physical Barrier System by the International Code Council. 

Early ICF waterproofing | termite barrier

Early ICF waterproofing|termite barrier - 2002

Polyguard’s barrier is now called TERM Barrier System. TERM is not just a foundation barrier; it now extends around the building envelope.

International Code Council
Report ESR-3632
Termite Barrier System

“TERM® Foundation Barrier is used to protect foam plastic insulation, including stay-in-place insulating concrete forms (ICF) installed in applications noted in the 2015 IBC Section 2603.8 (2012 Section 2603.9 or 2009 Section 2603.8) or IRC Section R318.4 and complies with Exception 2 of the referenced Code Sections.”