Termite exclusion is about the building envelope

Water enters the building envelope through cracks, joints, or gaps in the envelope.  So do termites.

Termites constantly forage, looking for a way inside.  They search for a warm and dry place to live, free of predators, with food nearby.  Most buildings fill all three termite needs and thus present an attractive target.

According to Pest Control Technology Magazine, termites cause $ 5 billion per year in damage across the US.  Link

Pest Entry Points

Subterranean termites, as their name implies, come from underground through openings in the slab and foundation wall.  They also emerge vertically from below ground and build protective “mud tubes” up the sides of exposed concrete perimeters.  Almost all of this can be prevented.

Termite control is no longer just for pest control operators

Pest control operators historically performed preconstruction termite treatment by applying termiticides underneath the slab, at penetrations and bath traps, and around exposed concrete perimeters. With the development of TERM Barriers, non-chemical termite exclusion is built into the structure as part of waterproofing incorporating a physical termite barrier. Building envelope designers are becoming involved.

Two reasons for this change:

First, designers and their customers are looking for ways to reduce pesticide use.

Polyguard Products by its 20+ years of development has a non-chemical waterproofing|termite barrier which meets the rigorous standards of state and federal pest control regulators

Experienced waterproofing contractors and other trades will recognize TERM Waterproofing|Termite Barriers as a familiar type of material.  They will be able to install TERM Barriers with minimal training. 

If you specify building envelope materials, let us present our innovative barriers to you.  Not just the waterproofing part, but stone and screen barriers, which are supplemental materials with termite exclusion track records exceeding 30 years.

You may not have experience with termite exclusion, but you can become knowledgeable very rapidly  Because  termite exclusion is right in your building envelope wheelhouse.