Q. Is TERM a termite shield?

A:  The short answer is that TERM is not a termite shield. Termite shields, as seen on the right are a long-established method of termite exclusion.  They block termites climbing a foundation wall.  The termite, stopped by the shield, is forced to go outside the structure, where they can be seen by an experienced pest management professional.  

Another advantage of a termite shield is that termites have difficulty going around sharp corners.

TERM is a termite barrier which termites cannot penetrate.  TERM Barriers can be installed at known termite entry points around the building envelope during construction.  

Termite shields have seams and penetrations where termites can sometimes penetrate. These gaps should be sealed with TERM Termite Sealant, as shown in the photo on the right.  Here is a link to the TERM Termite Sealant Data Sheet Link

Termite shield in New Orleans sealed with TERM Termite Sealant

Termite shield in New Orleans sealed with TERM Termite Sealant

Q:  Do I need a termite pretreatment with TERM Barriers?

A:  You probably will.  There are several reasons:

  1. Most states with termite pressure require evidence of a chemical pretreatment, usually sprayed on the base before the slab is poured.  State regulators have good reason to be conservative.  Termites are estimated to cause $5 billion in damage each year (Link to PCT article).  
  2. If there is no pretreatment, pest control regulators and building code officials know that design or construction defects often leave gaps where the 1/50thinch wide termites could work their way in, or chew their way in.
  3. The same regulators know also that the existence of a physical termite barrier on a structure, even if the barrier is proven and the design/construction are of high quality, that a physical barrier such as TERM will only protect those areas of the structure where it has been applied.

There are still many advantages to having a physical barrier such as TERM even if a termiticide pretreatment is required.  One that TERM Barriers have been successfully tested to block termiticide penetration.  Even the strongest termiticides which were banned almost 50 years ago did not penetrate.  So chemical exposure concern is addressed wherever TERM Barriers are correctly applied – under the slab, on below grade foundation walls, and elsewhere on the structure.

Additionally, depending on how extensively TERM Barrier System components are used to protect the structure, you can expect proportionately less termite problems.