Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J, we all know these three vaccine names well now. Hopefully the majority of the population will be fully vaccinated by late this year and we can travel and get back to our New Normal, whatever that may look like. By getting a vaccine we develop an immunity to help us fight the disease if ever exposed to it. I like the sound of that, we all need help in fighting diseases, and having strong immune systems is the best beginning. The FDA approval process for these vaccines enables us to understand the rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality. The FDA is the governing body for products that we consume or inject into our bodies. It is what we look for when we need a seal of approval. 

What about manufacturing standards in building materials? We have other standards that are considered when we advertise building materials. Our industry is Building Envelope materials, protective coatings for the skin of the building. We have narrowed the Building Envelope into a smaller division providing a two-for-one product that protects against moisture/air/water/termites. Normally a protective membrane only provides the moisture/air/water exclusion, it is rare to have a termite exclusionary property built into the membrane. Now mind you, this termite exclusion is considered a physical barrier (no termiticide chemicals involved), providing a permanent answer to termites/air/water/moisture. But how do we know that these membranes are tested and provide what we say they provide? The governing standards in building materials can take on many aspects:

  1. ASTM – American Society of Testing & Materials, this global organization has over 12,000 test standards that improve lives every day. These standards enhance building products and provide consumers, designers, builders confidence in the materials that they buy.
  2. ICC – International Code Council, this leading global source of model codes, standards, and building codes, provide safe and sustainable building solutions world-wide.
  3. LEED v4 – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, this green building certification is used globally and assigns points to a rating system for the 4 categories of Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of a building.
  4. Long Term Field Testing at University and State Entities, this type of long-term testing of building materials (5 years or longer) provides you with the knowledge that the materials can withstand the elements and abuse that happens outside (not in laboratory conditions).

Having met all these standards will provide you with peace of mind when designing, constructing, and living in said building. That is why, we at TERM Barrier Products, have met these building standards. TERM Products are a combination of waterproofing and termite exclusion. Visit our website or contact us for more information as we provide AIA approved CEU’s and advise on how to protect your next project. Remember, keeping your project ‘Vaccinated’ will provide the immunity it needs to defend against water/air/moisture and termites!

Visit our website or contact us for more information on AIA approved CEU’s, and advice on how to protect your next project.

Jill Heidorf, CSI, IIBEC, WWYW



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