Waterproofing Barrier Systems

Our legacy has been in waterproofing. Polyguard has manufactured close to a billion feet of it over the last five decades.

Through our 19 years of work with entomology scientists, we find that water and pests both penetrate through the building envelope.

Concrete floors and walls have joints; water and insects can enter through them. More importantly, concrete always cracks, creating new entry points. It can’t be predicted where cracks will appear in concrete, so protection should cover 100% of both the ground level horizontal concrete and below grade concrete walls. The objective is: wherever water, vapor, or insects enter, they should be blocked.

Barrier coverage starts with TERM® Sealant Barrier at slab penetrations. Before framing is constructed, TERM® Sill Plate Barrier is installed. Bath traps are protected from subterranean termites and other pests with TERM® Particle Barrier and TERM® All Pest Bath Trap Barrier. Horizontal ground level slabs can be protected underneath using TERM Underslab Barrier, or above slab using TERM flooring underlayments.

These five TERM® Barriers are all tied together to give almost 100% protection against water, vapor, and termites.