• Polyguard Acquires Domain

    ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products Inc. announced that it has acquired the domain to merge with the domain which it has owned since 1998. “We have worked to acquire that domain name from another company which operates in a different industry altogether for over 10 years now and we were finally able to […]


  • Polyguard Records 23rd Consecutive Year of Sales Growth

    ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products Inc. announced today that 2015 will mark the 23rd consecutive year of top line sales growth for the company. “We are extremely proud of the effort from everyone in the Polyguard family for making 2015, despite its challenges, another successful year,” CEO John Muncaster said. “By adapting to some unique […]


  • Polyguard: TERM™ All Pest Bath Trap Barrier : My PMP “Product of the Day”

    October 28, 2015 – The TERM™ All Pest Bath Trap Barrier is installed after the concrete slab is poured and rough plumbing is complete. The non-chemical barrier blocks termites, fire ants, rats, mice and moles from entry through bath traps (blockouts) in a slab. The components include TERM™ Particle Barrier, liquid adhesive/primer, TERM™ 018 […]


About Us

Polyguard’s Architectural Division offers the Integrated Building Envelope™ System, with air barriers, masonry through wall and window flashings, below grade structural waterproofing systems, and composite drainage panels, all connected using engineered transition detailing assemblies which assure envelope integrity.

Polyguard’s Pipeline Division was the first coating manufacturer to highlight the cathodic shielding problem, and the first to develop a coating to address the shielding problem. We have introduced a 2-part epoxy coating with 30% – 50% longer pot life than the competition.

Our Mechanical Division offers weather and vapor barrier systems to keep pipe and duct insulation dry, as well as a unique RG-2400® Corrosion Control Gel  coating to stop corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Polyguard offers a wide range of barrier systems designed to seal your home from pests. Those include products for pre-construction as well as options for existing structures. TERM™ Barrier

Think of Polyguard as an innovator and manufacturer of barriers – not just barriers against moisture and corrosion, but against contaminants like radioactive radon gas and methane. No sick buildings here.