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We are a manufacturing company. However, 24% of our employees have technical job responsibilities. Over the years, we have almost always employed more technical employees than sales employees. This has led to a lot of innovation.

Over 66% of the sales of our 3 largest divisions are products we developed and introduced with superior (and sometimes unique and patented) properties.

Here are some of Polyguard’s innovations:

Architectural: Underseal® waterproofing
Pipeline: RD-6® non-shielding corrosion coatings
Mechanical: ReactiveGel®

Polyguard’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) started in 1987, and owns 100% of the company’s stock.

In 2014, Polyguard is experiencing our 22nd successive year of growth in sales. This is because of so many innovative and committed people. We will answer the phone. We will help you with your problems and questions.

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Since 1970, protecting structures from moisture and contaminants.
RG-2400 Bundled Piping Application
Since 1984, protecting insulated piping and ductwork from water and corrosion.
Pipeline Application
Since 1950, protecting pipelines from corrosion.

Polyguard’s Architectural Division offers the Integrated Building Envelope™ System, with air barriers, masonry through wall and window flashings, below grade structural waterproofing systems, and composite drainage panels, all connected using engineered transition detailing assemblies which assure envelope integrity.

Polyguard’s Pipeline Division was the first coating manufacturer to highlight the cathodic shielding problem, and the first to develop a coating to address the shielding problem. We have introduced a 2-part epoxy coating with 30% – 50% longer pot life than the competition.

Our Mechanical Division offers weather and vapor barrier systems to keep pipe and duct insulation dry, as well as a unique ReactIveGel® coating to stop corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Think of Polyguard as an innovator and manufacturer of barriers – not just barriers against moisture and corrosion, but against contaminants like radioactive radon gas and methane. No sick buildings here.