Pipeline Division Unwraps IRO HD


Staying true to its “Innovation Based” heritage Polyguard has introduced a Heavy Duty extension of their IRO (Impact Resistant Outerwrap) product – patent number 8522827 or best known as Polyguard IRO HD. This new addition to the Polyguard Pipeline portfolio will have a darker color, almost black, as opposed to the white coloring of its predecessor.

Both the IRO and IRO HD are Fiber-Reinforced Composite Mechanical Protection Systems that provide superior mechanical protection, eliminating coating damage to field joints on directionally drilled pipelines, boring, or areas where severe backfill conditions are present. Being moisture cured, no UV light or heating is required.

Polyguard IRO has also been proven to work in conjunction with a cathodic protection (CP) system so it can be utilized in accordance with DOT and PHMSA codes. However, the key benefit that sets these products apart is their ability to be applied over coatings such as RD-6, Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE), liquid epoxies, or any other coatings.

The simple application of this system with controlled set times allows for speedy coating protection and backfill while also giving the most effective results of any IRO or ARO in the market. Having this IRO allows pipeline operators to apply girth weld coatings at their ideal thickness to achieve the best performance with their corrosion barrier, rather than increasing those thicknesses and losing properties such as flexibility or impact resistance. Traditional coatings are not ideal for uneven surfaces that will be installed by manners as harsh as horizontal directional drilling. By using a composite material which incorporates fibers you can improve flexibility, gouge, and abrasion resistance all while maintaining the effectiveness of the resin. This system should be utilized as a protective layer for all field joints that are installed by a trenchless method and will or could potentially impact a high consequence area (HCA) such as a road, building, populated area, or a body of water.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 25 consecutive years of sales growth. [Link to Press Release]

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Tre Bischof promoted to Assistant Manager – Pipeline Division

Polyguard is proud to announce the promotion of Tre Bischof to the Assistant Division Manager of Polyguard’s Pipeline Division.  The move takes him from Polyguard’s headquarters in Ennis, Texas where Tre served as Polyguard’s Marketing Director to the Pipeline Division Headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Over the last four years, Bischof has been essential in elevating Polyguard’s brand and its nine different divisions.  The intricate knowledge he has gained is invaluable.  According to Polyguard President, Shawn Eastham, “it was a win-win situation for both the company and Tre.  From the first day Tre arrived at Polyguard I knew he was going to catapult to the highest levels of the company.  His drive, focus and desire to make Polyguard a great place to work is what we’re all about.”

Having grown up in Lousiana, the move allows Tre to be closer to family and the Cajun cooking he enjoys so well.

His duties as Assistant Division Manager include overseeing the sales, training, strategic planning, and growth of the division.  Tre will work hand in hand with veteran Division Manager Chic Hughes who has over 40 years experience in the Pipeline industry.

Tre came to Polyguard from the Ennis Daily News where he was the Publisher.  After 6 years of overseeing the fast-paced duties of a newspaper editor, he was persuaded to bring his expertise to Polyguard.

Let’s Ban Everything.

Submitted by:

Jill Heidorf   RCI, CSI, WWYW

Sales Manager TERM Barrier Systems Division


Did it start with Starbucks banning plastic straws? I doubt it; it just seems that way. After all, that poor sea turtle was all over national news needing to clear its own nose of a plastic straw that had found it’s way stuck inside.   You must start thinking back to the smaller things or less significant changes, like banning cigarettes on certain beaches and restaurants, or larger things like Southwest Airlines serving their last bag of peanuts, and only offering pretzels. There are a lot of cultural changes that make us think that everything is being banned.

We, as Americans, don’t seem to mind being told that we can or should not use certain products. Aerosols are bad for the ozone layer, lead-based paints are harmful if ingested, dumping chemicals into the rivers and lakes is damaging to all wildlife, eating unpasteurized milk or cheese products can make us sick. We need to be rescued from ourselves, how do we know what is best for us unless someone is there to regulate and ban products?

In the Pest Industry, there have been many changes over the years. DDT was effective during WWII to keep our troops free from malaria. DDT is no longer allowed to be used on crops in the US due to effects it can have on the human nervous system and possible carcinogen.  Chlordane is the man-made answer to DDT, but it has also been banned due to human health concerns. Chlordane was the answer before the 1980’s for termite control on wood houses. What we need to know is that certain pesticides used for specific controls is NOT a bad thing. Pesticides are very helpful for controlling termites in our homes. Fipronil is a broad-based insecticide for fleas on our pets, termites, roaches, ants, and ticks. When the label is followed properly on insecticides, they can be very effective and safe for that particular job.  Do not use a specific insecticide as a general use control, that is when pesticides get a bad reputation. Pesticides serve a very important purpose in our overall well-being and lifestyle.

Alternatively using products with no pesticides, often referred to as Physical Barriers, is a great way to serve the environment and your healthy lifestyle around your home. While most of these Physical Barriers are meant for new construction (think of building your home from the ground up with the correct sheets, stones, and sealants that will allow your home to block bad air and water from the outside, breathe when it needs to, and drain water where it needs to. Now imagine doing all that and keeping insects from entering the home). A home is a living breathing shell that protects you and your family.  When you understand how a home needs to do all three of these processes, it allows the bigger picture of long-term sustainability for the occupants.

So instead of banning everything, let’s understand the importance of when to allow certain products, and why and where they should be used. Canada tells us if the inert ingredients in products are now allergenic to people and we see daily the calorie content of foods on restaurant menus. We are providing a lot of information, and it may seem overload at times. I like to think it is not a ban, but a pathway to a better world for all of us to reside in.

The Building Maker by David Leslie, RWC

September 2018 issue of RCI Interface magazine features an article by David Leslie, Polyguard’s Director of Technical Services & Product Management of the Architectural Division. His experience includes product development, contracting, and consulting. His 30 years of experience have provided him with a unique insight into numerous aspects of the building envelope. He is a published author, public speaker, expert witness, and holder of multiple patent applications. It is his core belief that there is no good reason for a building to leak, and he has devoted much of his career to keeping people dry. Find out why the Design/Bid/Build system does not work. [Click here for the full RCI article].

New Employee-Owner Announcement – Felipe Mery

Polyguard would like to welcome Felipe Mery, HSE/HR Representative – Corsicana. Felipe, a.k.a. “Phil”, was hired on October 1, 2018. His previous experience includes six years in bedding manufacturing, production supervisor, assistant plant manager and EHS Regional Manager. Phil has experience in OSHA 30 hours in general industry, machine guarding specialist (NASP), LOTO Specialist (NASP). He lives in Corsicana with his wife Yasmin and daughter Armoni. Outisde of work, Phil enjoys working out, playing basketball and a cook out and he claims he has a great sense of humor (much needed in the manufacturing world). His plans for Polyguard’s future are to “continue education in HSE/HR. Become a company asset and help with continuing improvements. Help in any way, increase profit margin, create a great safety culture”. Welcome Phil.

Air & Vapor Barrier Membranes that are 3-in-1

Submitted by Jill Heidorf   RCI, CSI, WWYW

We live in a world of “More is Better.”

When did simple products like paint, toothpaste, detergent, or deodorant, start to have multi uses? Think about it, practically everything on the shelf now has a dual, triple or even higher purpose for our convenience.  But you have to admit, you feel better when you buy a gallon of paint for the living room, and you don’t need to prime the walls first to cover the old color. And what about a detergent that fights stains, odors and safely whitens clothing, all in a squishy little pod. Wow, we have it good.

This innovation trend hasn’t escaped the Building Materials Industry. I’ve been in the business all my life, and I have marveled at how it has evolved. I remember when fluid-applied air barriers first hit the market. Before you knew it, the market became saturated with fluid membranes that were thin or thick mil, breathable or non-breathable, commercial or residential. It was confusing and a red-ocean market for anyone trying to sell an air barrier.

Well, my friend, Air Barriers are here to stay. They are the answer to the age-old problem of “How do I keep the outside air out and the inside air in?” Most products on the market are tested to ASTM standards for air and water leakage and puncture resistance. That makes sense, after all, they need to stay adhered and provide the function they are labeled for, “Air & Vapor Barrier.” But Mr. Air Barrier Maker what have you done for me lately? I mean, it is a great product, offering protection from outside air and vapor, but can’t it evolve into something greater? Where is my “multi-use” air barrier? Something that can keep all of it out; air, moisture, pests, nasty things that crawl and chew. If we can keep out all these things out, that would be a product that could revolutionize the industry.

Customers don’t just want waterproofing protection anymore; they want a product that can provide the added benefits of pest exclusion. Why should they accept that spiders, cockroaches, ants, mice, termites, (shall I continue?) be able to find ways into their structure if they have a decent Air & Vapor Barrier installed?

Air Barriers providing 3-in-1 benefits are going to be the next product innovation, and guess what? That product is already here. Customers are pretty educated; they are going to start asking if the Air & Vapor Barrier that their contractor specified has been tested to keep out pesky critters that can chew, bite or simply crawl their way inside.

More is better. It’s time to evolve my friend.

New Employee-Owner Announcement

Polyguard would like to welcome Bruce Jones, Maintenance – Corsicana. Bruce was hired on September 5, 2018. His previous experience was hotel maintenance where he had on the job training. Bruce lives in Purdon, TX with his wife Cathy and son Cody. Outside of work, he enjoys training horses and ranching. His plans for Polyguard’s future is to “learn all I can about the company”. Welcome to the crew, Bruce.

New Employee-Owner Announcement

Polyguard would like to welcome Craig Bo Young, TERM Commercial Development Manager, Atlanta, GA. Bo was hired into the TERM Division as their Commercial Development Manager on August 27, 2018. His recent experience of more than 30 years with Modernfold, Pergo and Armstrong make him an excellent candidate for this position. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife. His plans for Polyguard’s future are to “grow sales volume”. Welcome Bo.

New Employee Announcement

Polyguard would like to welcome Al Marino, Shipping and Receiving, Corsicana – Al was hired on August 6, 2018. His previous experience was a production tech at JTEK in Ennis. Al lives in Corsicana with his wife Veronica, 1 child, Baylie a 3-1/2 year old Boxer. Outside of work, Al enjoys working in the yard. His plans for Polyguard’s future is to “Do my best as a team member” Welcome to the Polyguard family Al.

Polyguard Announces New Employee-Owner – Larry Prewitt


Polyguard is proud to announce that we have added a new employee-owner. Larry Prewitt has accepted the position as our Production Manager and will be joining the Polyguard family in the Corsicana location. Larry has the experience, passion and personality to help us get to our 100 million dollar goal and beyond.

Larry is coming to us from Polyglass USA in Waco where he was the Plant Manager leading and overseeing startup operations.

Prior to that he worked for TAMKO in a variety of roles including Facility Manager, Process Engineer, and Safety Manager.

Larry is a graduate of Texas A&M, a veteran of the US Navy, has a Masters in Science in Engineering Systems Management, and is Six Sigma Black belt Certified.

We look forward to Larry and his family joining Polyguard team. When you see him please be sure to welcome him aboard.

Founded in 1953, Polyguard Products specializes in products which protect surfaces and structures from moisture, water, or other undesired substances. Polyguard is an industry leader in the production self-adhesive protective coatings for engineering and construction. Polyguard is also a 100% employee-owned ESOP with 25 consecutive years of sales growth.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact JC Cody at 214-515-5000 or email at Jcody@polyguard.com.

Link to Press Release.