Mechanical News:

  • Polyguard Records 24th Consecutive Year of Sales Growth

    ENNIS, TX – Polyguard Products Inc. announced that 2016 will mark its 24th consecutive year of top line sales growth for the company. “Polyguard’s 24-year string of top line sales growth increases was certainly not a goal,” CEO John Muncaster said. “It started in 1992, and at that point Polyguard was just trying to survive […]


  • Reminder: Mechanical Products Price Increase Took Effect on 1-1-17

    MECHANICAL PRODUCTS PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 1-1-17 Polyguard’s Mechanical Division sent a letter in mid November announcing a price increase scheduled to go into effect on 1/1/2017 to include the following products; all increases will be 5%. Alumaguard Family Insulrap Family ZeroPerm & ZeroPerm Tapes VaporGuard Some Assorted Accessories Increases will be included in work-in-progress projects […]


  • Tinted Adhesive Enhancement to Alumaguard® All-Weather

    Since its introduction, Alumaguard® All-Weather has been widely accepted for its ease of use in cold weather applications and sales continue to grow as more and more end users become aware of its benefits. With that in mind we will introduce a product improvement in the first quarter of 2017 which is designed to improve […]


About Mechanical Division:

Since 1984, we have specialized in flexible "Peel 'N Stick" Weatherproof Jacketing and Vapor Barrier Membranes for the Mechanical insulation industry. Our products include Alumaguard®, Insulrap™, ZEROPERM®, RG-2400® ReactiveGel®, VaporGuard™, and other industry leading products.

Weatherproof Jacketing:
The Alumaguard® Family of Weatherproof Jacketing products continues to expand: Alumaguard® (the original),  Alumaguard® All Weather, Alumaguard® Lite, Alumaguard® Lite White, and Alumaguard® Cool Wrap.

RG-2400® Corrosion Control Gel:
RG-2400® Family of Products - If you have problems with Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), you will find our gel products will STOP and prevent Corrosion Under Insulation. RG-2400® Bluegoo™ provides the long term corrosion protection you need.

Vapor Barriers:
ZEROPERM® and the Insulrap™ Families include Vapor Barriers and Direct Burial Membranes.

Dow® Styrofoam™ XPS PIB Billets:
XPS PIB Family of Products are a closed-cell Thermoplastic Foam, Void Free, Seamless Billet Insulation for Mechanical Fabrication into Pipe Insulation, Heads, Curved Side Wall Segments, and Fittings for the Cold Industry.

Dow® and Styrofoam™ are trademarks of Dow Chemical, Inc.