RG-2400® AK

RG-2400® AK is designed to be installed on hot pipes, above 100ºF.

RG-2400® AK is a surface conversion compound utilizing mineralization technology, or the "science of Minetics"; this compound replaces the corrosion process with a mineral formation on and into the metal creating a mineral barrier 50-200 angstroms deep into the metal surface and as time passes, the mineral layer on top of the metal increases in thickness.

RG-2400 products are not “new” technology, it is new to the insulation industry and a breakthrough for corrosion control and prevention on piping systems, tanks and vessels under insulation. It is a non-drying compound easily brush/spray applied to pipes, fittings, valves, tanks and vessels. This version of RG is designed to be used on in-service hot surfaces.

RG-2400® AK prevents corrosion from occurring, and it also stops existing corrosion from advancing on existing systems, it requires minimal (wire brush off the scale) preparation. In addition, RG-2400® AK prevents stainless steel and copper stress crack corrosion under insulation.

Installation thicknesses of 20-30 MILS allow the unique formulation to heal any subsequent breach (mechanical damage) of the mineral barrier, and the RG-2400® AK formula is so unique, that even if the vapor barrier is breached allowing moisture into the system, the RG-2400® AK will buffer the moisture to an elevated pH.

The insulation contractor applies RG-2400® AK on the pipe using PVC chemical gloves. The opacity and color of the product (blue) allows for easy site inspection of an installation. When it’s BLUE, you’re through!

RG-2400® AK is also "NON-TOXIC", and will NOT harm the environment.

RG-2400® AK  can also be used for application on tank chime systems and where crevice corrosion is a concern.

Companion Products:

RG-2400® Cleaner is also available from Polyguard; this cleaner is specifically formulated to clean tools, equipment, and hands without harmful chemicals.

Features & Benefits

  • For use on in-service HOT Line applications up to 250ºF (121ºC)
  • Great for Tank Chime Installations
  • Prevents stainless steel and copper stress crack CUI
  • Originally formulated for Arctic conditions 
  • Minimal surface preparation prior to application
  • Non-drying compound
  • Non-Toxic and will NOT harm the environment

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound

RG-2400 AK Surface Conversion Compound