RG-2401 ApplicationRG-2401 is a supply side oil industry specific gel utilizing mineralization technology, the gel replaces the corrosion process with a mineral formation onto and into the metal surface which creating a mineral barrier 50-200 angstroms thick; as time passes, the mineral layer on the metal surface increases in thickness.

RG-2401 is a special custom modification of RG-2400 LT specifically designed for oil well casing corrosion problems where moisture and salt residue are present in the annular space.  RG-2401 is a non-drying compound which is pumped into the base of the annular space in oil well cavities, filling the entire cavity, to displace and buffer moisture while mineralizing the metal surfaces. Hygiene departments at major oil companies have designated the gel as a benign agent.

RG-2401 prevents corrosion from occurring, and stops existing corrosion from advancing on existing casings, it requires minimal preparation; hot water flushing of the annular space with sufficient water to remove debris, contaminants, and raise the casing temperature. The gel is pumped in to fill the well, it’s molecular weight and hydrophobic properties displace any moisture present migrating it to the surface. Years after installation, water is still rising to the top as the RG penetrates down any gaps which have formed between the inner casing and the concrete.

RG-2401 can also be used for road casing corrosion remediation.

RG-2401 is environmentally benign. Easy clean up with commercially available citrus cleaner followed by soap and water. 

Companion Products:

  • AccuTrowel™ is a stainless steel trowel set designed for use on various sized pipes ranging from 2" to 12" to aid in ensuring you apply the accurate mil thickness for proper pipe coverage and helps reduce material waste.

RG-2401™ application using common transfer pumping equipment

RG-2401 application using common transfer pumping equipment

RG-2401™ used in down hole oil well

RG-2401 used in down hole oil well casing application

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed to be used on oil well casings
  • Can be used for road casing corrosion remediation
  • For displacing water in wells with service up to 230ºF (110ºC)
  • Application is made using common transfer pumping equipment
  • Minimal preparation required
  • Penetrates down any gaps in inner casing
  • Displaces and buffers moisture migrating it to the surface
  • Non-drying compound
  • The gel is a benign agent
  • Tested with ASTM B-117 Salt Fog Test proving corrosion stopping ability

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RG on Valve 3

RG-2400 on bundled pipe_edited