Polyguard’s Impact Resistant Outerwrap (IRO) is a strong, water activated Fiberglas  thermoset coating that offers superior impact and abrasion resistance. Once hardened, IRO provides an impact and abrasion resistant fiberglass reinforced composite sleeve.  IRO is easy to apply and ready for backfill in minutes. 

IRO™ Application Video

IRO Application wrapping pipe

IRO Application - wrapping pipe

IRO Application - perforating

IRO Application - perforating

Features & Benefits

  • Polyurethane resin impregnated fiberglass wrap - provides a strong, abrasion and impact resistant coating for use in HDD, boring, and areas with potential impact damage.
  • Water activated - no harmful activator needed.
  • Activated with fresh or salt water - water activate should be readily available in most environments.
  • End product is a thermoset composite - will not be affected by elevated temperatures.
  • Petroleum and other chemical resistant - no need for additional treatment in adverse chemical conditions.

RD-6® Application Video

Wrapster Machine Adjustments

Holiday Repair Video